Workshop on Tropical varieties and amoebas in higher dimension

April 16 - 20, 2018

Venue: KTH Royal Institute of Technology


This workshop is the final conference of the Spring programme "Tropical Geometry, Amoebas and Polytopes", and is intended to cover a broad range of topics that will be of interest during the programme, in particular tropical algebra and applications; combinatorics, polytopes, and complexity; moduli spaces of curves and mirror symmetry; and tropical geometry and amoebas in higher dimension.

Participation in the conference is open to everyone (and in particular not restricted to participants in the programme).


Speakers include Dan Abramovich, Anders Björner (TBC), Erwan Brugallé, Renzo Cavalieri, Melody Chan, June Huh, Ilia Itenberg, Kiran Kedlaya (TBC), Diane Maclagan, Grigory Mikhalkin, Johannes Nicaise, Sam Payne, Kristin Shaw, Frank Sottile, Bernd Sturmfels, August Tsikh, Oleg Viro, Annette Werner, Jonathan Wise.


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For hotel booking, travel questions or any other administrative matters please contact Ann-Britt Isaksson Öhman:


Preliminary week schedule:



8:50 Welcome and Registration

9-9:50 Frank Sottile

10-10:50 August Tsikh

11-11:30 coffee

11:30-12:20 Johannes Nicaise

12:30-14:00 lunch

14:00-14:20 TBA

14:30-14:50 TBA

15:00-15:50 Annette Werner



9-9:50 Anders Björner (TBC)

10-10:50 Bernd Sturmfels

11-11:30 coffee

11:30-12:20 June Huh

12:30-14:00 lunch

14:00-14:20 TBA

14:30-14:50 TBA

15:00-15:50 Kristin Shaw



9-9:50 Jonathan Wise

10-10:50 Kiran Kedlaya (TBC)

11-11:30 coffee

11:30-12:20 Grigory Mikhalkin

12:30-14:00 lunch

14:00-14:20 TBA

14:30-14:50 TBA

15:00-15:50 Melody Chan


Reception at IML



9-9:50 Oleg Viro

10-10:50 Dan Abramovich

11-11:30 coffee

11:30-12:20 Sam Payne

12:30-14:00 lunch

14:00-14:20 TBA

14:30-14:50 TBA

15:00-15:50 Erwan Brugallé



9-9:50 Diane Maclagan

10-10:50 Ilia Itenberg

11-11:30 coffee

11:30-12:20 Renzo Cavalieri


Program Committee:

Sandra Di Rocco - KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Jan Draisma - University of Bern 

Anders Jensen - Aarhus University

Hannah Markwig - Universität Tübingen

Benjamin Nill - Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg