Around spectral gap, Poincaré and Brascamp-Lieb inequalities for some diffusion operators

Interactions between Partial Differential Equations & Functional Inequalities

17 November 17:00 - 17:25

Aldéric Joulin - Toulouse University

In this talk, we derive quantitative estimates on the spectral gap for some diffusion operators. The idea is to use a notion of intertwining between gradient and operator allowing us to obtain Brascamp-Lieb inequalities, which in turn provide convenient lower bounds on the spectral gap.
José A. Carrillo
Imperial College London
Ivan Gentil
Institut Camille Jordan
Helge Holden
NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Cédric Villani
Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP)
Boguslaw Zegarlinski
Imperial College London


José A. Carrillo


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