On Bose-Einstein condensation in the Luttinger-Sy model with finite interaction strength

Spectral Methods in Mathematical Physics

23 April 14:00 - 15:00

Wolfgang Spitzer - FernUniversität in Hagen

We study Bose-Einstein condensation in the Luttinger-Sy model. Here, Bose point particles in one spatial dimension do not interact with each other, but through a positive (repulsive) point potential with impurities which are randomly located along the real line according to the points of a Poisson process. Our emphasis is on the case in which the interaction strength is not infinite.
As a main result, we prove that in thermal equilibrium the one-particle ground state is macroscopically occupied, provided that the particle density is larger than a critical one depending on the temperature. This is joint work with Joachim Kerner and Maximilian Pechmann.
Søren Fournais
Aarhus University
Rupert Frank
LMU Munich
Benjamin Schlein
University of Zurich, UZH
Simone Warzel
TU Munich


Rupert Frank


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