C*-algebras associated to graphs of groups

Classification of operator algebras: complexity, rigidity, and dynamics

31 March 14:00 - 15:00

Jack Spielberg - Arizona State University

There are many interesting examples of groups acting on trees, arising in various fields (e.g. combinatorial group theory, number theory, geometry). When a group acts on a tree, it necessarily also acts on the boundary of the tree, a (totally disconnected) compact Hausdorff space. The C*-algebras obtained from the crossed product construction include many fundamental examples. I will describe methods for analyzing such crossed products, developed in joint work with Nathan Brownlowe, Alex Mundey, David Pask and Anne Thomas
Marius Dadarlat
Purdue University
Søren Eilers
University of Copenhagen
Asger Törnquist
University of Copenhagen


Søren Eilers


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