On conjectures about the continuous TASEP by Aas and Linusson

Algebraic and Enumerative Combinatorics

18 February 10:00 - 10:50

Surjadipta De Sarkar - Indian Institute of Science

We will discuss the work of Aas and Linusson on the continuous TASEP and their conjectures on two-point correlations therein. We will also briefly cover their methods used to compute correlations in the multi-species TASEP. Then we will discuss some developments in computing the correlations in the conjectures using similar techniques. This is joint work with Arvind Ayyer and Nimisha Pahuja.
Sara Billey
University of Washington
Petter Brändén
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Sylvie Corteel
Université Paris Diderot, Paris 7
Svante Linusson
KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Svante Linusson


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