Deformations of groups, C*-algebras and K-homology

Classification of operator algebras: complexity, rigidity, and dynamics

18 February 14:00 - 15:00

Marius Dadarlat - Purdue University

The homotopy symmetric $C^*$-algebras are those separable $C*$-algebras for which one can unsuspend in E-theory. We introduce a new simple condition that characterizes homotopy symmetric nuclear $C*$-algebras and use it to show that the property of being homotopy symmetric passes to nuclear $C*$-subalgebras and it has a number of other significant permanence properties. We shall explain that the augmentation ideal of any countable torsion free nilpotent group satisfies this property and discuss a general conjecture for amenable groups. This is joint work with Ulrich Pennig.
Marius Dadarlat
Purdue University
Søren Eilers
University of Copenhagen
Asger Törnquist
University of Copenhagen


Søren Eilers


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