Exotic group algebras and their (co)actions

Classification of operator algebras: complexity, rigidity, and dynamics

17 February 14:00 - 15:00

Magnus Landstad - NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Given a locally compact group G, the full C*-algebra C*(G) and reduced C*-algebra C*_r(G) are well known. But already Eymard in his fundamental paper in 1964 realized that there are a lot of algebras in between. Until recently these “exotic” C*-algebras in between has received little attention. I will try to give a survey of these algebras and explain how they give rise to exotic crossed products and exotic coactions. However, we have more questions than answers. This is joint work with Steve Kaliszewski and John Quigg.
Marius Dadarlat
Purdue University
Søren Eilers
University of Copenhagen
Asger Törnquist
University of Copenhagen


Søren Eilers


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