The integral Chow ring of the stack of hyperelliptic Weierstrass points

Moduli and Algebraic Cycles

14 October 15:30 - 16:30

Dan Edidin - University of Missouri

The stack H_{g,w} of  hyperelliptic Weierstrass points is a degree 2g+2 etale cover of the stack H_g of hyperelliptic curves. The integral Chow rings of H_g and H_{g,1} we previously calculated, and in this talk we explain how to calculate the Chow ring of H_{g,w} using a presentation for H_{g,1} given by Pernice. This is joint work with Zhengning Hu.

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John Christian Ottem
University of Oslo
Dan Petersen
Stockholm University
David Rydh
KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Dan Petersen


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