The K-theory of toric varieties in mixed characteristic

Algebro-Geometric and Homotopical Methods

31 January 15:00 - 16:00

Charles Weibel - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

This is joint work with Cortinas, Haesemeyer and Walker. Let k be a regular ring and X a toric variety over k (locally Spec of R[M], where M is a submonoid of Z^n). A dilation of M by a constant c is an endomorphism sending m to c.m; dilations of X are analogous. If C=(c_1, ...) is a sequence of constants >1, we show that the direct limit along C of the K_*(X) is KH_*(X), and the direct limit of the K_*(k[M]) is K_*(k). (This was conjectured by Gubeladze, and already known when k contains a field.)
Eric M. Friedlander
University of Southern California
Lars Hesselholt
University of Copenhagen
Paul Arne Østvaer
University of Oslo


Paul Arne Østvaer


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