Mathematics of engineers: Elements for a new history of numerical analysis

Mathematics: place, production and publication, 1730-1940

02 February 15:30 - 16:30

Dominique Tournès - University of Reunion Island

The historiography of numerical analysis is still relatively poor. It does not take sufficient account of numerical and graphical methods created, used and taught by military and civil engineers in response to their specific needs, which are not always the same as those of mathematicians, astronomers and physicists. This paper presents some recent historical research that shows the interest it would be to examine more closely the mathematical practices of engineers and their interactions with other professional communities to better define the context of the emergence of numerical analysis as an autonomous discipline in the late 19th century.
June Barrow-Green
The Open University
Jeremy Gray,
The Open University
Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze
University of Agder


June Barrow-Green


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