Moments of Dirichlet $L$-functions

Number Theory

08 March 17:00 - 18:00

Kaisa Matomäki - University of Turku

I will discuss my on-going joint work with Vorrapan Chandee, Xiannan Li, and Maksym Radziwill on moments of Dirichlet $L$-functions. I will mostly concentrate on our result giving an asymptotic formula for the eighth moment of Dirichlet L-functions averaged over primitive characters ¬modulo $q$, over all moduli $q \leq Q$ and with a short average on the critical line. Previously this result was known only conditionally on the Generalized Riemann Hypothesis by work of Chandee and Li whereas a corresponding unconditional result for the sixth moment was known by work of Conrey, Iwaniec and Soundararajan.

Pär Kurlberg
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Lilian Matthiesen
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Damaris Schindler
Universität Göttingen


Pär Kurlberg

Lilian Matthiesen


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