Random polymers and their fluctuations

Homogenization and Random Phenomenon

25 September 15:00 - 15:55

Nikolaos Zygouras - University of Warwick

Random polymers describe a class of random walks in a random potential. Their partition function can be viewed as a discretisation of the solution to the stochastic heat equation and its logarithm (via the Hopf-Cole transform) as a discretisation of the solution to the KPZ equation. The KPZ equation has been proposed as a model for the universal fluctuations of stochastic growth models and in 1+1 dimensions the fluctuations of its solution is governed by a t1/3 law. Under these lenses, I will review some of the current status of the fluctuation studies in random polymers.
Henrik Shahgholian
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Panagiotis Souganidis
The University of Chicago


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