Sharpening Marstrand’s projection theorem in R^3

Fractal Geometry and Dynamics

06 September 15:00 - 15:50

Tuomas Orponen - University of Helsinki

Marstrand’s projection theorem in R^3 states that the dimension of 1-dimensional sets is a.s. preserved, when they are projected to lines through the origin. Here “a.s.” refers to the surface measure on the 2-sphere. I will discuss recent work with A. Käenmäki and L. Venieri, where we showed that the result remains true, if “a.s.” refers, instead, to length measure on certain curves on the 2-sphere.
Kenneth Falconer
University of St Andrews
Maarit Järvenpää
University of Oulu
Antti Kupiainen
University of Helsinki
Francois Ledrappier
University of Notre Dame
Pertti Mattila
University of Helsinki


Maarit Järvenpää


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