Some results on the algebraic cobordism ring of Grassmannians

Algebro-Geometric and Homotopical Methods

09 March 11:00 - 12:00

Jens Hornbostel - University of Wuppertal

We provide several ingredients towards a generalization of Schubert calculus from Chow groups to algebraic cobordism. In particular, we prove a simple product-formula for multiplying classes of smooth Schubert varieties with any Bott-Samelson class in algebraic cobordism of the grassmannian. We also establish some results and computations for generalized Schubert polynomials for hyperbolic formal group laws. This is joint work with Nicolas Perrin.
Eric M. Friedlander
University of Southern California
Lars Hesselholt
University of Copenhagen
Paul Arne Østvaer
University of Oslo


Paul Arne Østvaer


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