Sparse blow-up lemmas and maker-breaker games

Graphs, Hypergraphs, and Computing

30 January 14:00 - 15:00

Julia Böttcher - The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The blow-up lemma of Komlós, Sárközy and Szemerédi is an important tool for embedding large graphs H into dense graphs G. We recently obtained versions of this lemma for subgraphs G of sparse random and pseudo-random graphs. This has important applications in extremal graph theory on random graphs, but can also be used for the analysis of certain maker-breaker games.

In the talk I will explain our blow-up lemmas and describe their connection to maker-breaker games, after giving some necessary background.

Joint work with P. Allen, H. Hàn, Y. Kohayakawa, Y. Person.
Magnus M. Halldorsson
Reykjavik University
Klas Markström
Umeå University
Andrzej Rucinski
Adam Mickiewicz University
Carsten Thomassen
Technical University of Denmark, DTU


Klas Markström


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