Uniform asymptotics of Green's kernels in perforated domains and meso-scale approximations

Homogenization and Random Phenomenon

30 September 14:00 - 14:55

Vladimir Maz'ya - Linköping University

We deal with asymptotic approximations of Green's kernels for elliptic boundary value problems in perforated domains. A new feature is the uniformity of the asymptotics with respect to the independent variables. Formal asymptotic approximations are supplied with estimates of the remainder terms. For the case when the number of perforations or inclusions becomes large, a novel method of meso-scale asymptotic approximations is discussed, and uniform asymptotic approximations of Green's kernels as well as solutions of boundary value problems in multiply-perforated domains are presented. Such approximations do not require periodicity or other typica l constrains attributed to homogenization approximation.
Henrik Shahgholian
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Panagiotis Souganidis
The University of Chicago


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