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Memorial conference on spectral theory of partial differential operators

19 June - 22 June 2017

This is a conference in memory of Michael Solomyak (died 31/7/2016)  and Mikhail Birman who created a school in Spectral Theory of Partial Differential Operator in Sankt Petersburg.

Many members of this school are now prominent professors employed by leading Universities in Europe and Northern America.
During years between 1990-2005 both M.S Birman and M.Z. Solomyak visited Sweden many times, and in particular Institut Mittag-Leffler.

Ari Laptev
Imperial College London
Grigori Rozenblioum
Chalmers/University of Gothenburg
Dimitri Yafaev
Université de Rennes 1


Ari Laptev


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