Workshop Interactions between Partial Differential Equations & Functional Inequalities

September 12 - 16, 2016

This workshop is sponsored by the Simons Foundation.


The format of the workshop will be conducted ”Oberwolfach style”, so every day we will choose who is going to give a talk the following day. Everybody can be asked to give a talk of 40 minutes + 5 min discussion.

For those interested in sharing beforehand a possible title of their presentation, please send it to



The workshop will take place at Best Western Hotel Danderyd, Vendevägen 87, Danderyd.



The workshop will start on Monday 12 September at 9:50 a.m.

The schedule for Monday-Tuesday and Thursday is:

10:00-11:30 (2 talks)
11:45-12:30 (1 talk)
14:00-15:30 (2 talks)
Coffee break
16:00-17:30 (2 talks)

Wednesday we will finish at 15:30.
Friday we will finish at 12:30.


Speakers on Monday

Eric Carlen
Maria Esteban
Max von Renesse
Bruno Volzone
Maria Westdickenberg
Alexander Mielke
Anders Szepessy

Speakers on Tuesday

Alessio Figalli
Benoit Perthame
Martin Hairer
Yao Yao
Erik Wahlén
Vincent Calvez
Ansgar Jüngel

Speakers on Wednesday

Sergey Bobkov,
Michela Ottobre
Stéphane Mischler
Pietro Caputo
Xue-Mei Li

Speakers on Thursday

10:00-10:45     Pierre Degond
10:45-11:30     Piotr Biler
11:45-12:30     Yoshie Sugiyama

14:00-14:45     Maria Carvalho
14:45-15:30     Mats Ehrnström
16:00-16:45     Adrian Blanchet
16:45-17:30     Henrik Shahgholian

Speakers on Friday

Gui-Qiang G. Chen
Ulrik Skre Fjordholm
Denis Serre