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Fifth Workshop on Formal Topology: Spreads and Choice Sequences

08 June - 10 June 2015

The study of the logical foundations  of topology is playing an important role in mathematical logic and foundations of especially constructive mathematics. Early works by Brouwer on the theory of spreads and choice sequences were influencing much work in the area. A modernized form of his ideas is embodied in constructive point­‐free topology or formal topology. The workshop will gather experts in this field and related areas, including computable aspects and non-classical aspects of topology. A subtheme will be modern developments in the theory of spreads and choise sequences, as well as its history.

Participation by invitation only.  
Thierry Coquand
Chalmers/University of Gothenburg
Maria Emilia Maietti
University of Padova
Per Martin-Löf
Stockholm University
Erik Palmgren
Stockholm University
Giovanni Sambin
University of Padova


Erik Palmgren


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