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Scattering, microlocal analysis and renormalisation (web)

25 May - 18 June 2020

The mathematical description of phenomena in relativistic and non-relativistic physics requires a deep understanding of how local and global aspects are tied together. Presently, considerable progress is possible thanks to uncovering connections between techniques rooted in different branches of mathematical analysis. In particular, powerful propagation estimates and related microlocal methods have provided the link between abstract scattering and spectral theory and the analysis of partial differential equations. Together with new developments in quantization in infinite dimension, this makes for an exceptional opportunity to overcome long-standing problems in relativistic and non-relativistic Quantum Field Theory. The overall goal of this meeting is to bring together expert mathematicians to address challenging problems in Quantum Field Theory and foster a new exchange of knowledge between non-relativistic and relativistic settings. A particular emphasis will be on renormalisation, asymptotic phenomena and their manifestations as infrared divergences, in connection with the most recent mathematical advances combining spectral theory, microlocal and global analysis.
Claudio Dappiaggi
University of Pavia
Jacob Schach Møller
Aarhus University
Michał Wrochna
Université de Cergy-Pontoise


Michał Wrochna


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