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Summer School: Analysis, Arithmetics and Geometry: Zeta-functions, Trace formulas, and around. SMC Master Class.

05 June - 09 June 2023

Introduction into the theory of spectral zeta-functions and corresponding trace formulas, focusing on the role played by the geometry and understanding arithmetic properties of the spectrum. The theme of the school is intrinsically cross-disciplinary connecting algebra, analysis, geometry and number theory.


Lecture series by: 

1. Klaus Kirsten (American Mathematical Society): Spectral zeta-functions

2. Peter Sarnak (Princeton University): Arithmetics of trace formulas

3. Svetlana Jitomirskaya (Georgia Institute of Technology)


The Master class is open to all Master and PhD students from Sweden and other countries.

It is organised by the Stockholm Mathematical Centre (SMC), accommodation will be provided at Institut Mittag-Leffler and travel expenses will be covered via grant from the COST network MAT-DYN-NET Mathematical models for interacting dynamics on networks (CA18232).

Håkan Hedenmalm
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Pavel Kurasov
Stockholm University
Delio Mugnolo
University of Hagen
Jonathan Rohleder
Stockholm University
Matthew de Courcy-Ireland
Stockholm University


Pavel Kurasov

Jonathan Rohleder

Matthew de Courcy-Ireland


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