Arkiv för matematik

Instructions for accepted manuscripts

Note! These instructions are for accepted manuscripts only

Please download where you find the seven files:

userguide (afm-userguide.pdf)
template (afm-template.tex)
5 style files (ml-afm-author.sty,,, mlsy10.tfm & lesvjour.cls).

If you prefer, you can download the files individually:


Changes. Note that changes other than typographical must be approved by the editor in charge. 

Abstract. Please add an abstract at the beginning of your paper. 

File preparation.

  • Please follow the above userguide. 
  • Name the .tex and the .pdf files with the surname in small letters of the (first) author. 
  • Any macros or style files should be included. 
  • Figures should be submitted separately as encapsulated postscript (.eps) files. Please use \includegraphics to embed figures. 

File transfer. All files are handled through EditFlow.

Offprints. The authors will receive a pdf file. Paper offprints are available at a charge. 

Further questions should be addressed to