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Eigenvalues and Inequalities

14 May - 18 May 2018

This workshop will bring together researchers with a common mathematical background in spectral analysis of partial differential operators, calculus of variations and functional inequalities.  
The goal of the meeting is to stimulate progress and to open new directions in the following topics:
Semi-classical spectral estimates

Shape optimization

Hardy-Sobolev inequalities

Eigenvalues of magnetic Schrödinger and Pauli operators
Attention will be payed not only to the analytic and geometric aspects of the problems, but also to related probabilistic and computational techniques.
The workshop will be a fourth iteration of the series of conferences on “Low eigenvalues of Laplace and Schrödinger operators”,  initiated at the American Institute of Mathematics in May 2006, and later continued at the Oberwolfach Mathematical Institute, February 2009, and at the Banff International Research Station, July 2013.

Workshop program/abstracts

Rafael D. Benguria
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Hynek Kovarik
Università degli Studi di Brescia
Timo Weidl
Institut für Analysis, Dynamik und Modellierung

Warning regarding possible accommodation scam

It has come to our knowledge that someone posing as a representative for Institut Mittag-Leffler and the organisers of our summer conferences 2019, has been contacting participants regarding accommodation.

This is not supported by the institute or our organisers, and we would like to warn anyone being contacted in this matter to not share any credit card or personal details.

Please contact the administration at Institut Mittag-Leffler if any questions would arise.



Timo Weidl


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