Cohomological Aspects of Quantum Field Theory

January 15 - April 25, 2025

Quantum Field Theory (QFT) is a cornerstone of modern fundamental physics with a wide range of applications, from high-energy physics to mathematical physics. The ideas and techniques of QFT have had a significant
impact on the development of mathematics. Over the years, many aspects of QFT have been formalized withina proper mathematical framework. In mathematics, homological/cohomological techniques are typically associated
with the study of (co)chain complexes, which can be explored through both their homology and cohomology. This program concentrates on the application of homological/cohomological techniques in the context of QFT.

The program focuses on three different areas: cohomological field theories and enumerative invariants, BV-formalism, and formal geometry, as well as categorification in the context of QFT.

Further details about the program will be made available closer to the date.

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