Complex Analysis and Integrable Systems Summer Conference

August 6 - August 11, 2012

The workshop is related to the research program held at the institute in the fall 2011. The main goal of this event is to summarize progress made during the past year in research on the topics represented during the program including vast scope of analysis and its interplay with mathematical physics, fluid mechanics and applied sciences. Particular topics include conformal mappings, geometric analysis, potential theory, spaces of analytic functions, Riemann-Hilbert and d-bar methods, equilibrium measures and domains, random matrices, integrable systems, quadrature domains, classical and stochastic Loewner evolution.

Given a limited number of accommodations on the premises of the institute and a small lecture room, participation in the workshop is based on invitation by the organizing committee only, and mostly is restricted to the participants of the fall semester 2011. However, we keep some few number of possible external participants who must contact directly prof. Alexander Vasiliev (University of Bergen, Norway) by emailing to in order to discuss this possibility.

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