Interfaces and Unfitted Discretization Methods

August 27 - December 12, 2025

Within this program we wish to gather researchers working with problems involving interfaces/internal boundaries and unfitted discretizations of PDEs from different applications, including researchers working on developing solvers and preconditioners for linear systems. We also include integral equation approaches for applications that do not require a volume grid and numerical methods for the solution of surface PDEs. The focus is on problems with interfaces, in a broad sense. During this scientific program, we aim to span a range of applications as well as a range of different numerical methods, with the important purpose of identifying and investigating joint challenges and possible benefits of cross fertilization.

We will gather a limited group of leading experts within the research area, consisting of approximately 20 invitees together with 10 postdocs, adding up to 30 participants (postdoc stipends covering the full period, including travel and accomodation, will be announced). There will be three main themes during the semester program. The first theme is about formulations and discretizations of interface problems and will start in September; The second theme targets solvers and preconditioners and starts mid October; In the third theme, starting at the end of November, the focus will be on applications and real-world problems. Research seminars and educational seminars will be scheduled throughout the program, in addition to workshops during the tentative weeks of Monday Sep 1, Oct 13 and Dec 8.

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  1. Maroc À Meknes - Oussama Ennouri