Umut Varolgüneş: Symplectic cohomology with support and displaceability inside Liouville manifolds

Date: 2024-06-24

Time: 11:15 - 12:15

Umut Varolgünes, Koç University

Let \(W\) be a complete finite type Liouville manifold. One can associate to each closed subset \(K\) of \(W\) that is conical at infinity an invariant \(SH_W(K)\). I will first explain the construction of \(SH_W(K)\)along with its general properties and natural structures, noting how it recovers almost all the known invariants in this setup through special choices of \(K\). I will end by proving a big fiber theorem for certain contact manifolds using the descent property. This contains joint work with Yash Deshmukh and also with Yuhan Sun and Igor Uljarevic.