Institut Mittag-Leffler maintains an extensive mathematical library. The collections of older literature in the library are particularly fine. There is also an interesting archive with correspondence, manuscripts and other documents of Gösta Mittag-Leffler, Sofia Kovalevskaya and Karl Weierstrass. 

Participants in the Institute's scientific program have free access to the library. For all others, the library is available only on special request. Please contact the Librarian.

Information on how to borrow is found in the library. Please note: Never remove a book or journal from the library without leaving two borrowing slips.

Part of the main library

Part of the main library

Main library
Main library

The journal library

Journal library

The Institute's modern book collection is placed in the third-floor library and its gallery. To search for books in the Mittag-Leffler library, please use the Swedish electronic catalog system, LIBRIS. It maintains a common database for some 200 Swedish research libraries.
The system is customized so that books in the Mittag-Leffler library are emphasized.
  • If you choose "My libraries" the search will be restricted to our library.
  • The shelf mark shows in what section the book is located.
  • There are lists on the walls in the library indicating the shelf numbers for each section.
Note that there are many books older than around 150 years which are not in the LIBRIS system. For these books you have to make a search in the card catalog on the second floor.
We have no special collections of eBooks. 
Information about our paper journals is found in a folder in the journal library on the second floor. There you find a list of our current journals, where to find them and how to borrow.
When you search for journal articles online the following link could be useful. You will be directed to the publishers' sites, where you may check whether we have access.