Submission of manuscripts for Acta Mathematica

Please submit your manuscript as a pdf-file with a covering letter saying that you want to submit to Acta Mathematica

Normally, only manuscripts prepared using LaTeX (preferred) or TeX are accepted.
Allowable languages are English, French and German.
The decision to accept or reject a manuscript is taken by unanimous vote of the editorial board.
Copyright. By submitting a manuscript, an author acknowledges that it is not being considered, nor will be submitted, for publication elsewhere, and agrees that the sole copyright is transferred to the publisher. This transferal is revoked if and when the publisher decides not to publish the manuscript. The publisher's copyright covers the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the article by any means intended or effectively used to make it available for inspection, reading, or consultation, including, but not limited to, printing, reprinting, photocopying, and electronic means. The publisher grants the author, however, the right to have the submitted manuscript available on the author's own homepage and on public non-commercial servers such as
Colour figures. Acta Mathematica is printed in black/white. If you wish to have figures printed in colour, you have to be prepared to contribute to the extra costs. In the online version colour figures will appear free of charge.
Accepted manuscripts
Once the author has received notice that the manuscript has been accepted for publishing, a final version should be prepared and submitted electronically. For details, please see Instructions for accepted manuscripts.
Questions regarding these instructions should be addressed to