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Arithmetic (and) Harmonic Analysis (Web)

31 May - 04 June 2021

Fourier-theoretic methods play a pervasive role in analytic number theory, thus linking the field intimately with that of harmonic analysis. Consequently, there has long been a transfer of technology between the two fields, giving new impulses to either side. Recently, simultaneous proofs of Vinogradov's mean value theorem, a cornerstone result in both fields, have increased the momentum of this transfer of technologies and have created a flurry of activity aimed at better understanding how the two proofs are related and how they may be generalised. The goal of the workshop is both to provide a forum in which participants can be informed about recent developments and to give the opportunity to exchange ideas that can lead to a better ``dictionary'' between the two methods as well as potential generalisations. We are confident that such a setup will contribute to a deeper understanding of the topic at hand and related problems, as well as serve the wider purpose of easing communication between the two fields.

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Hughes: Initial approaches to discrete restriction theory.

Shparlinski: Maximal Operators and Restriction Bounds for Weyl Sums

Ciprian Demeter



Julia Brandes
Chalmers/University of Gothenburg
Shaoming Guo
University of Wisconsin


Julia Brandes

Shaoming Guo


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