Smoothing theory deloopings of disk embedding and diffeomorphism spaces

Date: 2022-01-13

Time: 14:15 - 16:00


Victor Turchin


The smoothing theory provides delooping to the groups of relative to the boundary disk diffeomorphisms
Diff_partial(D^m) = Omega^{m+1} Top_m/O_m, mneq 4;
Diff_partial(D^m) = Omega^{m+1} PL_m/O_m, any m.
This result was established in the 70s and is due to contributions of several people: Cerf, Morlet, Burghelea, Lashof, Kirby, Siebenmann, Rourke, etc. In the talk I will briefly explain how this result is obtained. Less known is a similar statement for the spaces Emd_partial(D^m,D^n), Emb^{fr}_partial(D^m,D^n) of relative to the boundary (framed) disk embedding spaces. This latter result was hidden in a work of Lashof from 70s and was stated explicitly by Sakai nine years ago. The range stated by Sakai is n>4, n-m>2. However, after a careful reading of the literature and with the help of Sander Kupers we got convinced that the delooping in question holds for any codimension n-m and any n (except n=4 in the topological version of delooping). Of particular interest is the case m=2, n=4. In the talk I will also explain how the smoothing theory techniques can be used to show that the delooping is compatible with the Budney E_{m+1}-action. The starting point in this project was the question whether it is possible to combine the Budney E_{m+1} action on Diff_partial(D^m) and Emb^{fr}_partial(D^m,D^n) with Hatcher’s O_{m+1} action on these spaces into an E_{m+1}^{fr} – action. The answer is yes, it can be done by means of the smoothing theory delooping.

Joint project in progress with Paolo Salvatore.

Suggested Readings

I will not be assuming that people are familiar with the smoothing theory. Below is a list of relevant references that a curious person can have a look at. But I do not encourage to spend too much time on them.

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