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Spectral Methods in Mathematical Physics

14 January - 26 April 2019

Mathematical Physics aims at a mathematically rigorous understanding of complex phenomena in nature. The program is particularly concerned with quantum effects and, in particular, with the theory of Schroedinger’s equation. Both classical one-body Schroedinger operator theory (including topics like semi-classical analysis, eigenvalue inequalities, Anderson localization, non-selfadjoint operators) and many-body theory (including questions about ground state properties and dynamics in deterministic and random systems, and also the study of non-linear effective equations) are covered.

Our goal is to provide an update for the community on recent results, a discussion forum for future research goals and a starting point for new collaborations in the stimulating atmosphere of Institut Mittag-Leffler.

Participation in the program is by invitation only.

Kick-off conference: Spectral Methods in Mathematical Physics 

The conference is sponsored by the Simons Foundation.

Søren Fournais
Aarhus University
Rupert Frank
LMU Munich
Benjamin Schlein
University of Zurich, UZH
Simone Warzel
TU Munich


Rupert Frank


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