Spectral Methods in Mathematical Physics

January 14 - April 26, 2019

Mathematical Physics aims at a mathematically rigorous understanding of complex phenomena in nature. The program is particularly concerned with quantum effects and, in particular, with the theory of Schroedinger’s equation. Both classical one-body Schroedinger operator theory (including topics like semi-classical analysis, eigenvalue inequalities, Anderson localization, non-selfadjoint operators) and many-body theory (including questions about ground state properties and dynamics in deterministic and random systems, and also the study of non-linear effective equations) are covered.

Our goal is to provide an update for the community on recent results, a discussion forum for future research goals and a starting point for new collaborations in the stimulating atmosphere of Institut Mittag-Leffler.

Participation in the program is by invitation only.

The program will start with a kick-off conference between January 14-18, for more information, see the conference webpage by clicking on the below link:

Kick-off conference: Spectral Methods in Mathematical Physics

The conference is sponsored by the Simons Foundation.

More program activities

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January 21 – 23, Nalini Anantharaman, University of Strasbourg

January 29 – 31, Bernard Helffer, Université de Nantes

February 26 – March 1, Mathieu Lewin, Université Paris Dauphine

March 4 – 6, Dimitri Yafaev, Université de Rennes 1

March 22 – 25, Christopher Sogge, Johns Hopkins University

March 26 – 29, Robert Seiringer, IST Austria

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February 11 – 15, Spectral theory & semiclassical analysis (click here for schedule(click here for abstracts)

March 18 – 22, Many-body theory, effective equations & PDE’s  Schedule  Abstracts

April 8 – 12, Many-body theory, random operators & matrices

Schedule  Abstracts


Satellite event:

March 11-16, there will be a workshop at Nordita in “Mathematical physics of anyons and topological states of matter”. Click here for information




  1. Microscopic Derivation of Time-dependent Point Interactions - R. Carlone M. Correggi M. Falconi M. Olivieri
  2. Spectral theory for one-body Stark operators - T. Adachi K. Itakura K. Ito E. Skibsted
  3. The energy of dilute Bose gases - Søren Fournais Jan Philip Solovej
  4. Random characteristics for Wigner matrices - Per von Soosten Simone Warzel
  5. Toeplitz band matrices with small random perturbations - Johannes Sjoestrand Martin Vogel
  6. Entanglement bounds in the XXZ quantum spin chain - Houssam Abdul-Rahman Christoph Fischbacher Günter Stolz
  7. Effects of Corners in Surface Superconductivity - Michele Correggi Emanuela L. Giacomelli